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Application: RNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 4
Release date: Feb 8 2008
Last update date: Nov 20 2017
Access: Public
Dataset link Metatranscriptomes of phytoplankton blooms from an ocean acidification mesocosm experiment

Experimental Protocol

This experiment is part of a much larger experiment. We have produced 4 454 metatranscriptomic datasets and 6 454 metagenomic datasets. These were derived from 4 samples. The experiment is an ocean acidification mesocosm set up in a Norwegian Fjord in 2006. We suspended 6 bags containing 11,000 L of sea water in a Coastal Fjord and then we bubbled CO2 through three of these bags to simulate ocean acidification conditions in the year 2100. The other three bags were bubbled with air. We then induced a phytoplankton bloom in all six bags and took measurements and performed analyses of phytoplankton, bacterioplankton and physiochemical characteristics over a 22 day period. We took water samples from the peak of the phytoplankton bloom and following the decline of the phytoplankton bloom to analyses using 454 metagenomics and 454 metatranscriptomics. Day 1, High CO2 Bag and Day 1, Present Day Bag, refer to the metatranscriptomes from the peak of the bloom. Day 2, High CO2 Bag and Day 2, Present Day Bag, refer to the metatranscriptomes following the decline of the bloom. Obviously High CO2 refers to the ocean acidification mesocosm and Present Day refers to the control mesocosm. Raw data for both the metagenomic and metatranscriptomic components are available at NCBI's Short Read Archive at










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