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[…] ersed to further eliminate the potential effect of stimulus history on cortical responses., For measuring receptive fields ( online), sparse noise consisting of random flashes of white and black pixels (100% contrast, 4.5° pixel−1, 100 ms per flash) on a gray background was used. For measuring orientation tuning and direction selectivity ( online), drifting gratings (100% contrast, 2 Hz, 0.04 cycles deg−1)were used., Local field potential analysis was carried out using Gabor/Morlet wavelet decomposition ( For single unit isolation, polytrode contact sites (channels) were separated into groups (2–4 channels per group) and spike waveforms were sorted using NeuroScope (, NDManager (, and Klusters ( In some instances, a single neuron was picked up by more than one electrode group. To ensure that duplicate neurons were not included in the subsequent analyses, pairwise between-neuron correlation coefficients (CC; binned at 1000 Hz) were calculated following clustering; for any pair with CC > 0.1, the cell with lower firing rate was discarded. For the remaining single units, only those with firing rates > 0.5 spikes s−1 were included in further analyses, performed in MATLAB (The Mathworks)., For calculation of between-cell and between-trial CC ( and ), firing rates were binned at 10 Hz (although results were similar for binning from 5 Hz to 25 Hz). To deter […]

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Software tools NeuroScope, NDManager, Klusters