Computational protocol: TDat: An Efficient Platform for Processing Petabyte-Scale Whole-Brain Volumetric Images

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Protocol publication

[…] The TDat platform includes four modules and several tools. Figure shows the architecture of the TDat platform. The majority of C++ compilers can be used to program with TDat on most operating systems. The TDat platform can be used to develop application programs or plugins for third-party applications. We have also provided executable files and plugins for users who do not have programming skills. For example, the reformatter tool can convert two-dimensional (2D) image sequences into TDat format. The transformer tool can be used to rotate the dataset. The reslicer tool can be used to re-slice the TDat dataset along three orthogonal faces. Users can employ these tools to accomplish specific tasks and can use them as examples to develop other application programs. In addition, we have provided plugins for Vaa3D (version 3.055), Fiji (ImageJ 1.50b, java 1.7.0_09) and Amira (version 6.1.1; FEI, MĂ©rignac Cedex, France). Users can use the TDat datasets in these software programs if they install the plugin. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Vaa3D, ImageJ
Application Microscopic phenotype analysis
Organisms Homo sapiens