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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 27
Release date: Jan 24 2018
Last update date: Jan 24 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link Plasticity of life-long calorie restricted C57BL/6J mice in adapting to a medium-fat diet intervention at old age

Experimental Protocol

Male C57BL/6J mice arrived at 7 weeks of age and allowed to acclimate for 2 weeks, receiving standard AIN-93G upon arrival. At the start of the diet intervention the mice were 9 weeks old and randomly distributed into three intervention groups: 1) Control diet receiving AIN-93W diet ad libitum; 2) CR diet receiving AIN-93W-CR in portions containing 70E% of the mean energy intake of the group of the control mice were provided each day at 15.30; 3) medium fat diet (MF) receiving AIN-93W-MF ad libitum. The long-term dietary invention was continued until a sacrifice at the age of 28 month, but in addition to the three diet groups, at 24 month the animals in the CR diet group were randomly assigned either to remain on the CR diet or undergo a diet switch to the MF diet (CR-MF). We performed various measurements on metabolic parameters and gene expression analysis. This entry represents the microarray data.








Guido Hooiveld

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