Dataset features


Application: Phylogenetics
Number of samples: 11
Release date: Nov 3 2015
Last update date: May 24 2016
Access: Public
Chemicals: Ammonia
Dataset link Microbial Biogeography Across a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant Transect: Evidence for Immigration Between Coupled Processes

Experimental Protocol

Samples described in this study were obtained at the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant (PARWQCP) in Palo Alto, CA on 12 November 2008. Sampling along a transect within the PARWQCP occurred on 12 November 2008. Upon temporary shutdown of the rotating distributor arm in one of the trickling filters, a surface PVC media module (0.9 m deep) was removed from the reactor, and 1-3 g biofilm samples were obtained with a sterile spatula, placed in sterile 1.5 ml tubes, weighed, and stored at -20oC. Concurrently, samples of influent, trickling filter effluent, and activated sludge were obtained. Activated sludge samples represented a 24-h composite from the combined outlet of all four aeration basins using a Sigma 900 refrigerated automatic sampler (Hach, Loveland, CO). Eight 1.5 ml activated sludge samples were centrifuged onsite for 5 min at 5000 g, decanted, and stored at -20oC. Raw influent and trickling filter effluent samples were transported on ice to the laboratory, vacuum filtered in 10 ml aliquots onto 0.22 μm Hydrophilic Durapore PVDF filters (25 mm diameter, Millipore, Billerica, MA), and archived at -20oC. PhyloChip analyses were performed on biological triplicate samples from trickling filter biofilm, trickling filter effluent, and activated sludge, and biological duplicate samples (due to biomass limitations) from the plant influent.








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