Computational protocol: Eukaryotic Rad50 Functions as A Rod-shaped Dimer

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[…] Structure of the HsRad50HC182C was determined by the single-wavelength anomalous scattering dispersion method using the program PHENIX. After density modification including solvent flattening, and electron density map generated at a resolution of 3.0 Å using PHENIX provided a good electron density map. Successive rounds of model building using COOT and refinement using PHENIX were used to build the complete model. A restrained non-crystallographic symmetry was applied throughout the refinement process. Prior to refinement, 5% of the reflections were randomly omitted to monitor the Rfree value. Details of refinement statistics are summarized in . […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools PHENIX, Coot
Application Protein structure analysis
Organisms Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Homo sapiens