Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 18
Release date: Sep 13 2005
Last update date: Jan 17 2013
Access: Public
Diseases: Kidney Diseases, Acute Kidney Injury
Chemicals: Oxygen
Dataset link Chronic hypoxia alters the level, maturation and control of gene expression in mouse kidney

Experimental Protocol

Several litters of CD1 mice at P2 were split in nine groups and subjected for 1, 2 and 4 weeks to NAC (N), hypoxia in which [O2] was kept constant at 11% (CCH or C) and hypoxia in which [O2] was switched between 21% and 11% every four minutes (CIH or I). We have used the "multiple yellow strategy" (MYS) in which each slide was hybridized with Cy5-cDNA from the kidneys of one male mouse and Cy3-cDNA from the kidneys of one female mouse, both animals subjected to the same condition as described in Physiol Genomics. 22: 292-307. Data were processed as described in Physiol Genomics 20: 211-223, 2005.








Dumitru Iacobas