Computational protocol: Recurrence and Frequency of Disturbance have Cumulative Effect on Methanotrophic Activity, Abundance, and Community Structure

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[…] The t-RFLP profiles were standardized as described previously (, ). Briefly, the t-RFLP profiles were normalized to overall signal intensity and relative abundance was calculated using the R statistics software environment version (). The correspondence analysis and heatmap were produced using the vegan version 2.3.0 () and gplots version 2.17.0 () package, respectively. The level of significance (p < 0.01) between treatments and time was performed using ANOVA or t-test as implemented in SigmaPlot v12.5 (Systat Software, Inc., USA). […]

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Software tools gplots, SigmaPlot
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Oryza sativa
Chemicals Methane