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[…] ([], v1 including 8109 sites) and were also inferred from the hyper-editing results (total of 22,701 sites). For C-to-U editing, site annotations were taken from [, ]. The editing level was computed as the percentage of the edited reads out of all reads mapped to known editable sites expressed in a given tissue. We also compared the number of editing sites significantly altered between sites expressed both in mTECs and each of the other tissues examined using Fisher’s exact test with correction to multiple testing (FDR). The same methods were used in order to evaluate the editing rate in sites with non-synonymous effect on the protein. Coding and protein effect information was obtained from Annovar []. For this analysis we used all the reads in each sample., Adar1, Adar2, and Apobec1 normalized reads counts were calculated using DEseq []. Mapping visualization was performed using Savant genome browser []., Additional file 1: , We thank Gideon Rechavi, Eli Eisenberg, and members of the Levanon lab for their helpful discussions. We also thank Hagit Porath and Ilana Buchumenski for their help with the RNA-editing analysis., This work was supported by EYL: The European Research Council (grant no. 311257), the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee in Israel (grant nos. 41/11 and 1796/12), and the Israel Science Foundation (1380/14)., JA: Israel Science Foundation (1825/10), Sy Syms Foundation, Dr. Celia Zwillenberg-Fridman and Dr. Lutz Fridman Career Development Chair., MGi: The Agence Nationale de Recherche (2011-CHEX-001-R12004KK)., MDG is grateful to […]

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Software tools ANNOVAR, DESeq, Savant
Diseases Autoimmune Diseases