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Application: RNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 38
Release date: Jun 9 2017
Last update date: Jun 20 2018
Access: Public
Genes: PER2
Taxon: Bos taurus
Dataset link RNA-seq analysis of differential gene expression in rumen papillae from Holstein Friesian bulls undergoing diet restriction and compensatory growth

Experimental Protocol

38 rumen epithelium RNA samples were analyzed in total. Purebred Holstein Friesian bulls were assigned to one of two feeding treatments (i) restricted feed allowance for 125 days (n=9) followed by ad libitum access to feed for a further 55 days (n=10) or (ii) a control group with ad libitum access to feed through out the 180 days trial (n=19). The first 125 days of the trial were denoted as Period 1, during which treatment groups were fed differentially. The subsequent 55 days, denoted as Period 2 during which all bulls were fed ad libitum. All bulls received the same diet of 70% concentrate 30% grass silage through out the experimental trial, with the amount of feed provided different dependent on each treatment group. Restricted fed animals were fed to grow at 0.6 kg /day during Period 1, with ad libitum animals expected to gain in excess of 1.5 to 2 kg/day.









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