Computational protocol: Analysis of variance, normal quantile-quantile correlation and effective expression support of pooled expression ratio of reference genes for defining expression stability

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[…] The corrected relative fold change of a target gene in a category (treatment/tissue type) is the product of its uncorrected relative fold change and the correction factor. Correction factor is estimated as 2(Y−W) where Y and W are the averages of log2 transformed inter-GTEFR of a TRG in treatment group and control group respectively, selected for and employed for the normalization. The base of 2 is employed to back transform the data. The Correction factor can be easily obtained from ANOVA output of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) performed over inter-GTEFR.The different panels used in our studies were also analyzed by geNorm (), NormFinder (), BestKeeper () and ΔCt () to see the validity of our statistical assumption. […]

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Software tools NormFinder, BestKeeper
Application qPCR