Computational protocol: Novel Microsatellite Markers of Meretrix petechialis and Cross-species Amplification in Related Taxa (Bivalvia: Veneroida)

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[…] The number of alleles per locus, allele frequency and heterozygosity were calculated using CERVUS 3.03 []. Tests for population-wide linkage disequilibrium between pairs of loci and deviations from HWE were estimated using GENEPOP ver.4.0 [], and the adjusted P-values for both analyses were obtained using a sequential Bonferroni test for multiple comparisons []. MICRO-CHECKER 2.2.3 [] was used to test for the presence of null alleles. Allelic richness (AR) as a standardized measure of the number of alleles per locus, independent of the sample size, was calculated using FSTAT version 2.9.3 []. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Cervus, Genepop
Application Population genetic analysis