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Application: DNA methylation array analysis
Number of samples: 6
Release date: Jul 17 2014
Last update date: Jul 22 2014
Access: Public
Dataset link Environmentally Induced Transgenerational Epigenetic Reprogramming of Primordial Germ Cells and Subsequent Germline [NimbleGen]

Experimental Protocol

The F0 generation females were exposed to a vehicle (dimethylsulfoxide DMSO) as control or to vinclozolin, as described in the Methods. The F1 generation offspring were bred to generate the F2 generation and the F2 generation offspring were bred to generate the F3 generation offspring. The timed pregnant F2 generation females were used to isolate the F3 generation control and vinclozolin lineage fetal gonads at the E13 and E16 time points. The F3 generation E13 PGC and E16 prospermatogonia were isolated. DNA was isolated from the freshly isolated cells to examine DNA methylation by methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) followed by analysis on a genome-wide promoter tiling array (Chip) using a comparative hybridization MeDIP-Chip analysis between control and vinclozolin lineage samples as described in Methods. This allowed a comparison of the epigenome alterations in F3 vinclozolin lineage germ cells at E13 and E16. Three separate experimental comparisons of control and vinclozolin-lineage animals involving different germ cell isolations were analyzed with three different MeDIP-Chip analyses at each time point.










Michael Skinner
Michael K Skinner

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