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Application: BS-seq analysis
Number of samples: 32
Release date: Apr 26 2017
Last update date: Nov 27 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link The MBD7 complex promotes expression of methylated transgenes without significantly altering their methylation status

Experimental Protocol

A total 23 bisufite libraries (samples 1-23) were sequenced in several sets as detailed in Table S4, each set with its own controls including three replicates in the lil-1 background. In addition, traditional bisulfite sequencing (conversion, cloning, and sanger based sequencing) was conducted on 9 samples (24-32) and for these experiments the percent methylation at each cystosine was tabulated and is presented in wiggle format files. Please note that [1] Ler_r6_Cat3.C*wig files contain no methylated reads mapping to the transgene as they are negative control samples. [2] For the samples 19 and 23, the DMRs relative to both the Wt control and the mutant background that was complemented were called to study complementation of a genetic defect. In all the other cases the only comparison was to the Wt control (i.e. one comparison per mutant). [3] The traditional bisulfite sequencing samples (samples 24-32) have their raw data available only in FASTA format (generated by 'ABI 3730XL DNA Analyzer'), and thus their raw data were not provided. Please contact the submitter for the sequence data.










Julie Law

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