Computational protocol: Betanodavirus B2 protein triggers apoptosis and necroptosis in lung cancer cells that suppresses autophagy

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[…] SWISS-MODEL Repository (SMR) and Phyre2 web portal are a database of annotated 3D protein structure models generated by the automated SWISS-MODEL homology modeling pipeline [, ] and Phyre2 web portal system []. In the 3D-strcuture prediction, the full length RGNNV B2 (1-75 aa) and B2 mitochondrial targeting domain (36-61 aa) alone sequence for comparing from either SWISS-MODEL Repository system or Phyre2 web portal system. Two systems we have found that received very similar results. Then further confirmed the 3D-structure of protein B2 to published alpha-nodavirus protein B2 in dimer form structure [] that still received the consistent result, have shown the alpha helix structure. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Phyre, SWISS-MODEL
Databases SWISS-MODEL Repository
Application Protein structure analysis
Chemicals Oxygen