Computational protocol: Identification and Characterization of Mycemycin Biosynthetic Gene Clusters in Streptomyces olivaceus FXJ8.012 and Streptomyces sp. FXJ1.235

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Protocol publication

[…] Genomic DNAs were extracted according to standard approaches []. Genome sequencing of S. olivaceus FXJ8.012Δ1741 was performed using Illumina genomic analyzer (Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen, China), resulting in a total of 8,326,611 bp of genome sequence distributed across 519 contigs (≥500 bp). The genome of S. sp. FXJ1.235 was sequenced using an Illumina Hiseq system (Novogene, Beijing, China), resulting in a total of 8,852,829 bp of genome sequence distributed across 48 contigs (≥600 bp). The sequences obtained were annotated using Glimmer 3.02 [], GeneMarkS [], and BlastP []. The DNA sequences of mycemycin gene clusters have been deposited in the GenBank database. The accession number for mym is MG837055 and the numbers for mye are MG837053 (part I: myeC, myeQ, and orf-1~orf-3) and MG837054 (part II: the other mye genes and orf-4~orf-6). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Glimmer, GeneMarkS, BLASTP
Application Genome annotation
Organisms Synechococcus sp.