Computational protocol: Toxoplasmosis – A Global Threat. Correlation of Latent Toxoplasmosis with Specific Disease Burden in a Set of 88 Countries

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[…] All statistical tests except partial Kendall correlation test were performed independently with SPSS 21 and Statistica 10.0. The association between seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis and specific disease burden estimated with age standardized DALY was calculated using nonparametric partial Kendall correlation test , with Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDP) as covariate. Because the results of similar analyses performed with the General Linear Model (GLM) method were qualitatively the same, GLM data were primarily interpreted in the Discussion section of present study. The GLM is more sensitive for the quality of data (e.g. to presence of outliers and non-Gaussian distribution of data, etc.), however, it enables to control for more than one covariate. In the present analysis, we controlled for GDP, geographical latitude and annual mean of relative humidity of particular countries using data available at (accessed 10.12. 2013) and (accessed 2.4. 2013). No formal corrections for multiple tests were carried out, however, the fraction of significant results largely exceeded a theoretical value of 5 false positive results per 100 tests.The medical importance of the association was expressed as regression coefficient ‘B’, the slope of the regression line. The higher is the absolute value of B the greater is the positive or negative impact of the predictor variable (here prevalence of toxoplasmosis) on the dependent variable (here DALY or mortality). The strength of statistical association is expressed as Eta2, which reflects the proportion of variance in the dependent variable (the DALY or mortality) associated with or accounted for by each of the main effects, interactions, and error in an ANOVA study (the prevalence of latent toxoplasmosis) pp. 54–55, pp. 317–319. The statistically significant results, i.e. the associations with p value <0.05 and trends, i.e. the associations with p value <0.1 (significant in one-sided but not in two-sided tests) were listed in the tables and in the main text. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SPSS, Statistica
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Infection, Toxoplasmosis
Chemicals Guanosine Diphosphate