Computational protocol: Isolation and Characterization of Dromedary Camel Coronavirus UAE-HKU23 from Dromedaries of the Middle East: Minimal Serological Cross-Reactivity between MERS Coronavirus and Dromedary Camel Coronavirus UAE-HKU23

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Protocol publication

[…] The phylogenetic trees for RdRp, S, and N genes were constructed by the maximum likelihood method using PhyML. The optimal model for the nucleotide sequences were determined using ModelGenerator v85. The trees for RdRp and N genes were inferred by the GTR + I substitution model and the tree for S gene was inferred by the GTR + I + G model. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools PhyML, ModelGenerator
Application Phylogenetics
Organisms Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus, Mus musculus, Camelus dromedarius, Homo sapiens, Vicugna pacos