Computational protocol: A Novel Human Tectonin Protein with Multivalent β-Propeller Folds Interacts with Ficolin and Binds Bacterial LPS

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Protocol publication

[…] Tectonin domain containing proteins were identified using domain search on the SMART database , . A position-specific iterated search using the primary sequence on PSI-Search on the EMBL server was performed using GBP as the query sequence. Related sequences were chosen after 2 iterations of PSI-Search. Hits were put through the SMART prediction server to confirm their propensity to form Tectonin domains. Multiple sequence alignment was carried out on the curated list of proteins using Promals3D . A phylogenetic tree was then constructed from sequences showing strong domain alignments using PHYLIP with a bootstrap value of 1000. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools PSI-Search, PROMALS3D, PHYLIP
Applications Phylogenetics, Amino acid sequence alignment
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Infection
Chemicals Galactose