Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 56
Release date: Jul 10 2015
Last update date: May 15 2017
Access: Public
Diseases: Brain Neoplasms, Breast Neoplasms, Carcinoma, Renal Cell, Meningioma, Neoplasms, Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast, Brain Stem Neoplasms, Brachydactyly
Dataset link Dynamics of gene expression changes in epithelial and mesenchymal HMLER cell lines transitioning from suspension 3D culture to adhesion cultures

Experimental Protocol

For these analyses we used the heterogeneous parental HMLER (HP) cell line, with isogenic epithelial (E) and mesenchymal (M) cell-types (Elenbaas et al., 2001), and stable clonal HMLER-derived E and M cell lines, which are normally passaged under adhesion conditions (_adh, GSE66527). We cultured cell lines under 3D suspension conditions resembling mammosphere growth conditions that are typically used to enrich for stem-like cells (Dontu et al., 2003), and examined gene expression of cells under mammosphere conditions (_sus, GSE66527), or after replating (_re) in a kinetic examining gene expression from 6, 24, 96, and 240 hrs after cells were allowed to readhere to normal dishes for the heterogeneous but mostly epithelial (HP) cell lines and mesenchymal (M4) cell lines. To validate our findings we also examined gene expression of cells replated after mammosphere culture for about two weeks from three different E (E3, E4, E5) and M clones (M3, M4, M1). All gene expression samples were taken from biological replicates (at least duplicates) of cells grown in different wells or even at different times. Gene expression of replated (_re) cells was compared to the respective cell lines grown under adhesion conditions (_adh), as well as to the respective cell line grown under suspension mammosphere condition (_sus) which have been deposited previously under accession number GSE66527. HP replicates (re): HP_re_AGW120913, HP_re_RK12026, HP_re_AGW1209_5, HP_re_AGW1209_6, HP_re_AGW1209_7, HP_re_AGW1209_8, HP_re_AGW1209_9, HP_re_0607_1, HP_re_0607_2 E3 replicates (re): E3_re_RK1202, E3_re_RK12028; E4 replicates: E4_re_0622, E4_re_0613; E5 replicates: E5_re_0613_1, E5_re_0613_2 M1 replicates (re): M1_re_0607_1, M1_re_0607_2, M2 replicates: M2_re_RK1202, M2_re_RK12029, M2_re_AGW1209_3, M2_re_AGW1209_4, M2_re_AGW1209_5, M3 replicates: M4_re_0607_1, M4_re_0607_2 HP replicates (adh): HP_adh_0629, HP_adh_2210, HP_adh_0607sc, HP_adh_0607c E3 replicates (adh): E3_adh_0629, E3_adh, E3_adh_0826. E4 replicates (adh): E4_adh_0607, E4_adh_0210, E5 replicates (adh): E5_adh_0210, E5_adh_0607 M1 replicates (adh): M1_adh_0210, M1_adh_0607, M4 replicates (adh): M4_adh_0607, M4_adh_0210, M3 replicates (adh): M3_adh, M3_adh_2210, M3_adh_2810 HP replating kinetic (adh): HP_adh_0607c (GSE66527), HP_adh_0607sc (GSE66527), HP (mammospheres, suspension): HP_sus_0603_2 (GSE66527), HP_sus_0603_1 (GSE66527), HP (replated 6 hrs): HP_re_6_0603_1, HP_re_6_0603_2, HP (replated 24hrs): HP_re_24_0607_1, HP_re_24_0607_2, HP (replated 96 hrs): HP_re_96_0607_1, HP_re_96_0607_2, HP (replated 240hrs): HP_re_0607_1, HP_re_0607_2, M4 replating kinetic (adh): M4_adh_0210 (GSE66527), M4_adh_0607 (GSE66527), M4 (mammospheres, suspension): M4_sus_0603_2 (GSE66527), M4_sus_0603_1 (GSE66527), M4 (replated 24 hrs): M4_re_24_0603_1, M4_re_24_0603_2, M4 (replated 96 hrs), M4_re_96_0607_1, M4_re_96_0607_2, M4 replated 240hrs): M4_re_0607_1, M4_re_0607_2










Anne Grosse-Wilde