Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 28
Release date: Jan 12 2018
Last update date: Jan 24 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link IL-1B signaling in dendritic cells induces antiviral interferon responses

Experimental Protocol

WT or IL-1R KO BMDCs were either mock-treated or pre-treated with 100 ng IL-1b for 24 hours. Cells were then either mock-infected or infected with WNV at an MOI of 2.5. Both mock and WNV-infected samples were harvested at 24 and 48 hours. WT BMDCs were also treated with IL-1b for 24 or 48 hours before harvest. All samples were run in triplicate. Total RNA was run on Agilent 4x44 mouse microarray Please note that the sample titles represent pre-treatment and infection status as following; sample group - pre-treatment - infection KO_MK_*hr - mock - mock KO_WNV_*hr - mock - WMV WT_IL1b_*hr - IL-1b - mock WT_MK_*hr - mock - mock WT_WNV_*hr - mock - WMV The *hr represents the time after infection.