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[…] ere found to be overlapping in B-cell epitopes were shortlisted and selected for final vaccine construct (Table ). A total of 16 CTL epitopes and 9 HTL epitopes were selected and merged by the help of AAY and GPGPG linkers respectively. After merging, the overall length of the construct was found to be 407 amino acids. Also, 45 amino acid long adjuvant (GIINTLQKYYCRVRGGRCAVLSCLPKEEQIGKCSTRGRKCCRRKK) was added at N-terminal of the construct by the help of EAAAK linker. After addition of linkers and adjuvant the final vaccine construct was found to be 457 amino acid long (Fig. ).Table 1 Figure 1 , 15-mer IFN-γ inducing epitopes were predicted for the final multi-epitope vaccine construct from IFNepitope server, it predicts epitope using MERCI software. A total of 399 epitopes were predicted having both negative and positive prediction scores out of which 58 IFN-γ inducing epitopes (Supplementary Table ) carrying prediction score greater than 1 were selected (Fig. ).Figure 2 , The AlgPred server was used to predict the non-allergic behavior of final vaccine construct. Prediction is based on SVM approach; it uses the amino acid sequence for prediction. Prediction result gives −0.40905 score which indicates that the vaccine construct is non-allergic in nature. A threshold score of prediction is −0.40. Prediction score less than threshold value point towards the non-allergic behavior of peptide. Antigenicity of vaccine construct was predicted using ANTIGENpro and followed by VaxiJen 2.0. The predicted antigenicity probability from ANTIGENpro was 0.830426 which shows a good antigenic nature of vaccine construct. Overall prediction for the antigen was performed by using VaxiJen, 0.6251 scores for overall prediction of antigen was obtained from VaxiJen, which indicates the construct is probable antigen. However, the threshold score of VaxiJen server is 0.4. Both results indicating that the final vaccine construct is a good antigen., Various physicochemical properties were calculated from ProtParam server. It uses an amino acid sequence of the vaccine construct for further analysis. The molecular weight of construct was calculated as 49 kDa which shows that construc […]

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Software tools IFNepitope, AlgPred, VaxiJen