Computational protocol: The Heme Transport Capacity of LHR1 Determines the Extent of Virulence in Leishmania amazonensis

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[…] C. elegans HRG-4 sequence was provided by Dr. Iqbal Hamza (NCBI Reference Sequence: NM_001136385.1), L. amazonensis LHR1 sequence was performed in the Andrews’ lab, L. major and L. infantum LHR1 sequences were downloaded from TriTrypDB (LmjF.24.2230 and LinJ.24.2320). Sequences were aligned using Clustal Omega ( Transmembrane domain predictions were performed using TMHMM 2.0 ( […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Clustal Omega, TMHMM
Databases TriTrypDB
Application Membrane protein analysis
Organisms Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Mus musculus, Caenorhabditis elegans, Homo sapiens