Dataset features


Application: sRNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 5
Release date: Sep 30 2015
Last update date: Oct 1 2015
Access: Public
Taxon: Anas platyrhynchos
Dataset link Identification and profiling of microRNAs associated with white and black plumage pigmentation in the white and black feather bulbs of ducks by RNA-Sequencing

Experimental Protocol

Methods: Black and white feather bulbs profiles of four ducks namely, Cui Hei, Kaiya, Liancheng pure breeds and Kaiya-Liancheng F2, were generated by illumina solexa sequencing . Three feather bulbs from the same individual duck were pooled as one samples. Samples from the same breed were pooled as one and sent to Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI, China) for small RNA library construction and sequencing. The libraries were prepared with NEBNext® UltraTM RNA Library Prep Kit. Sequencing was performed using Illumina sequencing technology (Illumina HiSeq 2000). The sequence quality was assessed with FastQC software . Clean sequence reads were analysed by miRDeep2 software version 2.1.2 . We compared the miRNA expression profiles between black and white feather libraries of ducks using the DEGseq software and our own perl script. miRNAs that adhered to the criteria log2-fold change ≥1 or ≤ -1 and p-value ≤0.05 were considered to be differentially expressed. The Student's t-test was used to compute the value. Validation of 10 conserved miRNAs sequencing data was performed using the SYBR Green assay.