Computational protocol: Network Efficiency and Posterior Alpha Patterns Are Markers of Recovery from General Anesthesia: A High-Density Electroencephalography Study in Healthy Volunteers

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[…] Cortical current source density mapping was calculated using a distributed model consisting of 10,000 current dipoles. Dipole locations, and orientations were constrained to the cortical area of the standard brain model of the Montreal Neurological Institute, which was then warped to the geometry of the sensor net using the Brainstorm software package (Tadel et al., ). The EEG forward model was computed using a Symmetric Boundary Element Method from the open-source software OpenMEEG ( Cortical current maps were then computed from the EEG time series through a linear inverse estimate (weighted minimum-norm current estimate) using Brainstorm. Finally, the principal-component current activity from within the 68 brain regions defined by the Desikan-Killiany brain atlas were calculated to generate a single time series for each brain region. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Brainstorm, OpenMEEG
Application Clinical electrophysiology
Organisms Homo sapiens