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[…] ua [EMB:FN658607], A. serpentina [EMBL: FN658613], A. sororcula [EMBL: FN658614], A. striata [EMBL: FN658615], Ceratitis capitata [EMBL:EU999754], Bactrocera oleae [EMBL:AJ547623], Musca domestica [EMBL:AY847518], Lucilia cuprinia [EMBL:FJ461620], Drosophila melanogaster [EMBL:M23633], D. virilis [EMBL:XM_002049663], D. pseudoobscura [EMBL:XM_001360568]; LEPIDOPTERA: Bombyx mori [EMBL:NM_001126233]; HYMENOPTERA: Apis mellifera [EMBL:XM_001121070] and Nasonia vitripennis [EMBL:XP_001601106)]. Multiple sequence alignments were conducted on the basis of the translated amino acid sequences and edited for potential errors over 1089 nucleotide sites corresponding to 363 amino acid positions using BIOEDIT [] and CLUSTAL W [] software. The different domains in the Tra2 protein were defined according to Salvemini et al. [] as: the RS-rich N-terminal region (19-459), the RNA recognition motif-RRM (502-717), the linker region (718-774), and the RS-rich C-terminal region (775-1077)., Molecular evolutionary analyses were performed using MEGA v.4 software []. The extent of nucleotide sequence divergence was estimated by means of the Kimura 2-parameter method [] and the amino acid sequence divergence estimated by means of the uncorrected differences (p-distances). This approach is known to give good results, especially for distantly related taxa []. The number of synonymous (pS) and non-synonymous (pN) nucleotide differences per site were calculated using the modified method of Nei-Gojobori [], providing the transition/transversion ratio (R) for each case. Evolutionary distances were calculated using the compete deletion option. Standard errors of the estimates were calculated using the bootstrap method (1000 replicates). Phy […]

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Software tools BioEdit, Clustal W, MEGA-V