Computational protocol: A Study on MTHFR C677T Gene Polymorphism and Alcohol Dependence among Meiteis of Manipur, India

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[…] Genotypic and allele frequencies were calculated by gene counting method and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) was determined using the χ 2 goodness-of-fit test using POPGENE 1.31 []. Genotypic and allelic frequency distribution was assessed among the studied population and comparison was made between NDs and ODs, NDs and MDs, and NDs and AD cases using χ 2 test. Association of drinking status as well as MTHFR C677T allelic and genotypic counts with AD was evaluated by Pearson's χ 2-test followed by odds ratio (OR) at 95% confidential interval (CI), using the freely available 2 × 2 contingency table []. Statistical significance was considered at 5% level. Power of the study was calculated using online available software ( […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools POPGENE, OSSE
Application Population genetic analysis
Diseases Alcoholism, Substance-Related Disorders
Chemicals Ethanol, Homocysteine