Computational protocol: Survey of Natural Language Processing Techniques in Bioinformatics

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[…] The noncomparative methods are independent of homologous information and can, therefore, detect nonconserved ncRNAs. Most noncomparative methods employ machine learning techniques to make the predictions [], which are similar to the text mining techniques.Because of the importance of RNA structure, several computational RNA folding tools have been developed, such as mfold, RNAfold, vsfold, evofold, and sfold. Generally, these algorithms determine the folded secondary structure from and input sequence by optimizing the intermolecular base pairing to minimize the free energy. Some miRNA identification methods are shown in and existing RNA secondary prediction tools are listed in . […]

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Software tools Mfold, RNAfold, vsfold, Evofold, Sfold
Application RNA structure analysis
Diseases Mitochondrial Diseases