Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 9
Release date: Dec 13 2006
Last update date: Feb 18 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Agranulocytosis, Metabolic Diseases, Cardiomyopathies
Dataset link Four weeks expression data of the antipsychotics Clozapine and Haloperidol in the mouse brain (Affymetrix, GCRMA).

Experimental Protocol

The study was designed to compare the chronic therapeutic and toxic expression profile of Clozapine to Haloperidol in the mouse brain. All experiments were performed in male C57BL mice at four weeks of age (Biological services, University Collage London). Several theoretical and practical considerations influenced the final experimental design. To avoid the effect of injections on genes’ expression and to simulate the clinical scenario in human, both drugs were applied to the animals’ drinking water using the maximum human therapeutic dose (i.e.1.6mg/kg/day for Haloperidol and 12mg/kg/day for Clozapine).Thirty animals were divided equally between three treatment groups and received either Haloperidol (10 animals), Clozapine (10 animals) or no treatment (10 animals) for 4 weeks. After four weeks,the plasma drug level for both drugs was assesed by Tandem mass Spectrometry LC- MS/MS. The total RNA from the right forebrains of nine selected animals (three from each treatment group) were extracted and hybridized to the Affymetrix U74Av2. In all the Microarray experiments we have avoided pooling and each RNA sample was an independent biological replicate. The total numbers of used arrays were 9 Affymetrix U74Av2.










Mie Rizig
Hugh Gurling