Computational protocol: Overcoming inter-subspecific hybrid sterility in rice by developing indica-compatible japonica lines

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[…] The statistical model yij = μ + Gi + εij was used to analyse the variance (ANOVA) of all data obtained from the experimental materials in one environment, where yij was the jth observed value of the target trait for the ith genotype and μ, G and ε were the population mean value, genotypic effects and residual error, respectively. For the estimation of genotypic effects on target traits, the significance of the difference between one genotype and the control selected at the α probability level was tested by the least significant difference (LSD) method. Data were given as the mean ± standard deviation (SD) and transferred by arcsin−1 prior to analysis if they were provided as a percentage. Statistical analysis and graphing were performed using SPSS version 18 and SigmaPlot. […]

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Software tools SPSS, SigmaPlot
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Oryza sativa, Oryza sativa Japonica Group, Homo sapiens, Oryza sativa Indica Group