Computational protocol: The Ubiquitination of PINK1 Is Restricted to Its Mature 52-kDa Form

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[…] The i-TASSER program (; ) was used to predict the three-dimensional structure of the 52-kDa PINK1. Top predicted structural models were selected based on the C-score and stereochemical quality, as indicated by PROCHECK (). For homology modeling, we used BlastP to identify suitable structural templates in the Protein Data Bank, and the program Modeler () was employed to predict the kinase domain of PINK1. [...] Data are presented as mean ± SEM from at least three independent experiments. Samples were compared by one- or two-way ANOVA followed by a Student’s-Newman-Keuls test. The Null hypothesis was rejected at the 0.05 level. All analyses were performed with Sigmaplot for Windows version 12.0 (Systech Software). […]

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