Dataset features


Application: miRNA array analysis
Number of samples: 16
Release date: Aug 31 2016
Last update date: Sep 2 2016
Access: Public
Chemicals: Hydrogen Peroxide
Dataset link MiRNA expression profiling of skeletal muscles in aged rodents

Experimental Protocol

Male Fischer 344 rats were obtained at one month of age from Charles River Laboratories (Yokohama, Japan). Rats were maintained under the standard animal laboratory condition with 12-h light-dark cycle at 23 ºC and were provided water and food ad libitum. Rats were sacrificed at 6-7 and 25-28 months of age and hindlimb muscles were dissected. The weight of the dissected extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscle, and soleus muscle were measured. Skeletal muscles dissected from rodents were immersed in the RNAlater RNAstabilization reagent (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany) to prevent RNA degradation. The experimental procedures were approved by the Animal Ethics Committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology.