Computational protocol: The First Paenibacillus larvae Bacteriophage Endolysin (PlyPl23) with High Potential to Control American Foulbrood

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Protocol publication

[…] The annotation of the Siphoviridae P. larvae phage phiIBB_Pl23 identified gp21 as an endolysin protein, designated as PlyPl23 []. In silico analysis was carried out by searching the non-redundant protein database using BLASTP [] with the amino acid sequence of PlyPl23 as query (GenBank accession number KF010834-21). Functional domains were searched against the Pfam database [], and the HHpred [, ]. The presence of a signal peptide was searched using SignalP 4.0 []. The lysin molecular weight (MW), isoelectric point (pI) and charge were predicted using Compute pI/Mw tool, available at The identification of the putative amidase catalytic sites was performed using the CDD database []. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BLASTP, HHPred, SignalP, Compute pI/Mw tool
Databases Pfam ExPASy
Applications Protein structure analysis, Protein physicochemical analysis
Organisms Apis mellifera, Paenibacillus larvae
Diseases Skin Diseases, Bacterial
Chemicals Sucrose