Computational protocol: Social Eavesdropping in Zebrafish: Tuning of Attention to Social Interactions

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[…] Behavioural and hormonal results were represented as mean ± SEM unless stated otherwise. Statistical significance was considered for P < 0.05. For the behavioural parameters’ comparisons between treatments, one-way ANOVAs were performed when normality and homogeneity of variances (Levene’s test) was verified, followed by post-hoc Tukey HSD tests or contrasts for specific planned comparisons. When normality was verified but not homogeneity of variances, Welch’s ANOVAs were used, followed by Games-Howell post-hoc tests. When normality was not verified, non-parametric Kruskall-Wallis ANOVAs were used. Cortisol concentrations were first ln transformed to meet the assumption of a normal distribution. Deviation from uniformity of the fishes’ individual mean orientations distribution was tested using the non-parametric Moore’s Modified Rayleigh test, for each treatment. The angles of the group mean resultant vectors were represented as mean, 95% C.I. when directionality was significant. Correlations were performed using a non-parametric Spearman rank correlation. All analyses were performed using MATLAB R2012b (MathWorks) with the CircStat toolbox, STATISTICA 12 (StatsoftInc), SPSS Statistics 22 (IBM) and Oriana 4 (Kovach Computing Services). […]

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Software tools CircStat, Statistica, SPSS
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Danio rerio