Computational protocol: Complete Genome Sequences of Seven Vibrio anguillarum Strains as Derived from PacBio Sequencing

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[…] SMRT sequencing was performed at NSC. Libraries were constructed using Pacific Biosciences 20-kb library preparation protocol. Size selection of the final library was performed using BluePippin with a 7-kb cut-off. Libraries were sequenced on Pacific Biosciences RS II instrument using P6-C4 chemistry with 360-min movie time. Reads were assembled using HGAP v3 (Pacific Biosciences, SMRT Analysis Software v2.3.0). Contigs were circularized using Minimus2 software of Amos package ().For CNEVA NB11008 and JLL237, the number of circular contigs were bioinformatically corrected. The BRIG software () was used to compare the 11 complete genomes (with the NB10 strain chromosomes as a reference). The genomes of ATCC-68544 and 775 were globally compared using the Artemis Comparison Tool (ACT), and the comparison file was produced with the DOUBLE ACT v.2 server (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SMRT-Analysis, AMOS, BRIG, ACT
Application Genome data visualization
Organisms Vibrio anguillarum