Dataset features


Dataset type: Expression profiling by array
Number of samples: 9
Release date: Dec 1 2018
Last update date: Dec 19 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link Brain microglia are maintained and regenerated from a specialized cellular subset

Experimental Protocol

MgSCs (CD45intCD11bhiF4/80hiLy6chi), bulk microglia cells (CD45intCD11bhiF4/80hiLy6cneg) and spleen monocytes (CD115posLy6chi) were isolated by cell sorting and total RNA from biological triplicates was then isolated according established procedures. We determined the gene expression profiles of MgSCs and how they relate to those of mature microglia and spleen monocytes. This analysis showed how robustly we can identify MgSCs as a separate cell lineage when compared to its closest biological “neighbors”. Importantly, these data sets allowed us to identify signatures of signalling pathways that control the MgSC state needed for regenerating microglia. In addition, we found more surface markers among the differentially expressed genes that define MgSCs, especially we identified human MgSCs and our “proband” marker, Ly6c, does not have a human homolog.








Michael Poidinger