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[…] for 10 min, 99% ethanol for 10 min and 100% ethanol for 20 min twice. Dehydrated samples were transferred to propylene-oxide for 20 min twice, 1:1 propylene-oxide:epoxyresin for 1 h, 1:3 propylene-oxide:epoxyresin for 1 h and epoxyresin overnight. For embedding, samples were left at 60°C with fresh epoxyresin three overnight. Ultra thin sections (80 nm) were obtained on an Ultra microtome EM UC6 (Leica, Vienna, Austria), counterstained by Reynolds method and examined on an H-7650 (Hitachi, Tokyo, Japan). Medaka fish motor nerve fibers were determined on the locations according to the studies for zebrafish motor nerve fibers [,]., Sequences of the EMP/PMP22 family were obtained by BLAST and BLAT, using human amino acid sequences of the family as the queries. For phylogenic analysis, mRNA sequences were translated into amino acid sequences. The analyses for conserved motifs were performed by the scan for matches [], Weeder [] and jasper []. Multiple alignment of pmp22 was performed by LAGAN [] and presented by VISTA []., pmp22: peripheral myelin protein 22; CMT1A: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type1A; NCV: nerve conduction velocity; PNS: peripheral nerve system; EMP: epithelial membrane protein; UTR: untranslated region; LG: linkage group; FRT: FLP recognition target; EGFP: enhanced green fluorescent protein; dpf: day postfertilization; TTX: tetrodotoxin; EST: expression sequence tags; TSS: transcription start site; CREB: cyclic AMP response element binding; YAC: yeast artificial chromosome; ACSF: artificial cerebrospinal fluid; PCR: polymerase chain reaction., JI carried out the transgenic, molecular, el […]

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