Computational protocol: Identification and characterization of novel cecropins from the Oxysternon conspicillatum neotropic dung beetle

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Protocol publication

[…] To identify HDP from the transcriptome, Blasttx [] and Blast2GO [] was performed looking for the Cecropin family domains Pfam: PF00272, Prosite: PDOC00241, UNIPROTKB|P84021, InterPro:IPR000875, Pfam:PF00272, PROSITE:PS00268, EMBL:CM000364, InterPro:IPR020400, ProDom:PD001670, OrthoDB:EOG4F4QV0, EMBL:AB047055, EMBL:AB047056. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Blast2GO, InterPro
Databases OrthoDB Pfam ProDom PROSITE UniProtKB
Application Protein sequence analysis
Organisms Homo sapiens