Dataset features


Dataset type: Expression profiling by RT-PCR, Transcriptome or Gene expression
Number of samples: 36
Release date: Oct 18 2014
Last update date: Feb 29 2016
Access: Public
Diseases: Chlamydia Infections, Fibrosis, Infertility, Inflammation
Dataset link Differential expression of mRNA encoding cytokines and chemokines in the reproductive tract after infection of mice with Chlamydia trachomatis

Experimental Protocol

Six to eight week old female C3H/HeJ mice (Jackson Laboratories, Sacramento, CA) were pretreated with 2.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate (SICOR Pharmaceuticals) on Days -10 and -3 before infection. On Day 0, mice were infected via vaginal challenge with 0 or 5 x 102 inclusion-forming units (IFUs) of C. trachomatis, serovar D in 0.01 mL of Eagle Minimal essential media (MEM, Gibco). Mice were killed on day 28 (n = 3 for control and infected) in experiment 1 and day 35 (n = 3 for control and infected) in experiment 2. Vaginal tissue, uterine horns and the oviducts were collected and processed for superarray analysis.








Phillip Bridges