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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 26
Release date: Dec 4 2014
Last update date: Dec 10 2014
Access: Public
Dataset link Transcriptome profiling of plaque macrophages during atherosclerosis regression

Experimental Protocol

Four-week-old Reversa (or for the control group, Ldlr-/-) mice were weaned onto a Western diet for 16 weeks to establish aortic plaque and then switched to a chow diet and injected (i.p.) every other day, for a total of four injections, with either poly I:C or vehicle (saline, only for Reversa mice). In the Reversa mouse, poly I:C is rapidly taken up by the liver where it induces the MX1:Cre transgene, resulting in recombination at the loxP-flanked Mttp alleles and consequent silencing of Mttp expression (Lieu et al., ibid). Animals were sacrificed for arterial tissue collection at seven days after the last poly I:C injection. Hearts were harvested, aortic roots were frozen sectioned, and guide slides were immunostained for CD68. CD68+ cells were isolated by laser capture microdissection and RNA was reverse-transcribed, amplified, fragmented, labeled, and hybridized to the Affymetrix Mouse Exon Array 1.0 ST GeneChip. GeneChips were analyzed for differential expression (between the poly I:C and saline sample groups derived from the Reversa mouse) using transcript-level probesets from the CustomCDF project and using a two-factor model (sex and treatment) with empirical Bayes variance estimates (Limma).







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