Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 16
Release date: Oct 12 2016
Last update date: Oct 13 2016
Access: Public
Diseases: Melioidosis
Chemicals: Amino Acids
Dataset link Characterisation of Burkholderia pseudomallei colony morphology variants by microarray

Experimental Protocol

The Agilent-019078 Custom B. pseudomallei 8X15K microarray chip (Agilent, GEO reference GPL13233), designed by Chieng S et al., (2012) (Chieng et al., 2012) was used as the platform to inspect the changes in the gene expression of B. pseudomallei WT and SCV morphotypes pre- and post-exposed to A549 human lung epithelial cells, (Figure 2.7). Four biological replicates were used for each set of the experiments. The chip was designed for the analysis of 5,721 non-cross-hybridising ORFs of B. pseudomallei K96243. The 5,721 probe sequences were randomly replicated and distributed in a microarray of 15,000 probes to fit Agilent 8 × 15 K microarray format. Figure 2.7 shows the microarray experimental design scheme of the gene expression studies. The quality control data obtained confirmed that all the arrays on the microarray chip met the expected quality control, however one replicate among the 4 replicates have been excluded for the following samples (SCV pre-exposed, WT post-exposed and SCV post-exposed).








Anis Al-Maleki