Computational protocol: Aromatase Is a Direct Target of FOXL2: C134W in Granulosa Cell Tumors via a Single Highly Conserved Binding Site in the Ovarian Specific Promoter

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Protocol publication

[…] DNA homology analysis was performed via the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) Genome Browser employing the BLAST-like alignment tool (BLAT) to align the human aromatase promoter sequence with phyloP genome conservation data based on 32 placental mammalian genomes and with Multiz genome alignments based on 46 vertebrate genomes . The phyloP score is displayed in units of −log p-value of a null hypothesis of neutral evolution for the given base pair. Transcription factor recognition site predictions were generated with MatInspector . […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BLAT, PHAST, MatInspector
Databases UCSC Genome Browser
Application Genome data visualization
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Granulosa Cell Tumor
Chemicals Estrogens