Computational protocol: Parturition Signaling by Visual Cues in Female Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

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[…] Two separate linear mixed models (LMM), one for comparing chromatic JND and another for comparing achromatic JND, were applied to our data. Differences in JND ranks between phenotypes and between weeks to parturition were compared. Individuals (females) were included in the models as a random effect, while phenotypes and weeks were included as fixed effects. Fixed effects’ interaction was also considered in the models. Pairwise comparisons, using the least squares means, were conducted through Tukey's test. Confidence levels were always set to 0.95. All statistical analyses were carried out using the following R 3.1.2 packages: nlme, lme4 and lsmeans. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools nlme, lme4
Application Mathematical modeling
Organisms Callithrix jacchus, Ilex paraguariensis