Dataset features


Application: RNA-seq analysis
Number of samples: 14
Release date: Jul 18 2018
Last update date: Jul 21 2018
Access: Public
Chemicals: Cholesterol
Dataset link Suckling lamb perirenal fat transcriptome

Experimental Protocol

The transcriptome analysis was performed with RNA extracted from perirenal adipose tissue from 14 suckling lambs from two different breeds (specifically, six Churra and eight Assaf lambs). All the lambs included in this study were males born between April and May 2016. After birth, lambs were maintained between 4-8 hours with their dams to suck the first colostrum. Then, in order to avoid the maternal effects, they were held in lamb pens and fed Ovilac 60 (Calfvet, Lleida, Cataluña, Spain) milk replacer powder using a milk replacer machine. Lambs were slaughtered when they reached an average live weight of (mean ± SD) 10.32 ± 0.73 kg, which is the common market weight range. Lambs ages at slaughter were from 19 to 35 days old, and carcass weight for Churra and Assaf lambs were 5.16 ± 0.44 and 5.34 ± 0.33 kg, respectively. The management, transport and sacrifice of the animals was in accordance with the Spanish and EU legislations (Spanish Laws 32/2007, 6/2013 and RD 37/2014; Council Regulation (EC) 199/2009). At slaughter, perirenal adipose tissue was collected from each lamb.










Beatriz Gutierrez Gil