Dataset features


Application: aCGH data analysis
Number of samples: 9
Release date: Feb 20 2017
Last update date: May 22 2017
Access: Public
Diseases: Ovarian Diseases
Chemicals: Atrazine, Gentian Violet, Progesterone
Dataset link Atrazine Exposure Elicits Copy Number Alterations in the Zebrafish Genome

Experimental Protocol

The objective of this study was to identify whether an atrazine exposure will generate copy number alterations. First, a zebrafish fibroblast cell line was exposed to a range of atrazine concentrations (0-1.125 mM) to determine concentrations where cell confluency would be altered (n=4 plates with 4 subsamples of each treatment concentration on each plate). From this experiment, treatment concentrations (0, 0.463, 4.63 and 46.3 um atrazine) were chosen to represent a range from no effect on confluency to decreasing cell confuency to ~60% in this cell line. Cells were then exposed to these four treatment concentrations and array CGH was used to detect copy number aberrations (CNAs) in atrazine treatments compared to the control treatment (n=3). qPCR was used to confirm CNAs. CNAs were compared to gene expression microarray data from adult male and adult female zebrafish gonad and brain tissue from individuals that had been exposed to atrazine during embryogenesis (GSE72242, GSE72243, GSE73740).








Jennifer Freeman