Computational protocol: Disrupted topological organization of structural brain networks in childhood absence epilepsy

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[…] To avoid bias from subjective judgements regarding anatomical correspondences, the Automated Anatomical Labelling (AAL) atlas was used for network node definition. First, T1-weighted images were co-registered to the b0 images in DTI space using a linear transformation. Next, the co-registered T1-weighted image was normalized to the T1 template in MNI space. Finally, inverse transformations were applied to warp the AAL atlas from the MNI space to the native diffusion space. Of note, discrete labelling values were preserved by the use of a nearest-neighbour interpolation method. All the works above were completed using SPM12 (Statistical Parametric Mapping, running in MATLAB R2012b (Math Works, Natick, MA, USA). As a result, 90 cortical and subcortical regions (45 for each hemisphere), each of which represented a network node in graph theory, were obtained. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools AAL, SPM
Application Magnetic resonance imaging
Organisms Homo sapiens