Dataset features


Application: ChIP-seq analysis
Number of samples: 6
Release date: Apr 1 2015
Last update date: Apr 1 2015
Access: Public
Taxon: Cucumber necrosis virus
Dataset link Environmentally Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Sperm Epimutations Promotes Genetic Mutations [CGH]

Experimental Protocol

Sperm DNA was isolated from F1 and F3 generation rats that were ancestrally exposed to vinclozolin and dimethyl sulfoxide (vehicle) control. Equal concentrations of DNA from sperm samples from groups of three individuals were used to produce three different DNA pools per lineage. Three different comparative (CNV vs CNV) hybridization experiments were performed (2 array set) for each experiment vinclozolin versus control lineage, with each array including hybridizations from DNA pools from these different experiments. Also, two different comparative (MeDIP vs. MeDIP) hybridization experiments were performed for vinclozolin lineage versus control, with each array set encompassing DNA samples from 6 animals (3 each from vinclozolin and control). These sperm DNA samples were distinct from those used for the MeDIP-Chip analysis and those used for Copy number variation (CNV) analysis. Then, the genome-wide differential DNA methylation regions (epimutations) were correlated with the genome locations of the CNV. This submission represents CNV component of study.








Michael Skinner