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[…] al is currently unknown, R. gravesii is closely related to the spotted-fever group species Rickettsia massiliae (), which is pathogenic to humans and prevalent in Europe and Africa (, ). Here, we describe the genome sequence of R. gravesii strain BWI-1T., R. gravesii (deposited in the Collection de Souches de l’Unite des Rickettsies [CSUR] under reference R172) was grown in XTC and L929 cells, and its genomic DNA was extracted using a phenol-chloroform protocol. Sequencing was performed using the MiSeq platform (Illumina, San Diego, CA) with a 2 × 250-bp paired-end run after library preparation with the Nextera XT sample preparation kit (Illumina). De novo genome assembly was done using the CLC Genomics Workbench 4.9 (CLC bio, Aarhus, Denmark). The resulting contigs were reordered in Mauve 2.3.1 () using the genome sequence from R. massiliae strain MTU5 (GenBank accession no. CP000683) () as a reference. Open reading frame (ORF) prediction and gene annotation were carried out using RAST 4.0 (). rRNAs, tRNAs, and other RNAs were identified using BLASTn (), tRNAscan-SE 1.21 (), and RNAmmer 1.2 (), respectively. The orthologous genes between R. gravesii and R. massiliae MTU5 were identified using OrthoMCL (), with a BLASTp E value cutoff of 1 × 10−5 and the default Markov cluster algorithm (MCL) inflation parameter of 1.5., The draft genome sequence of R. gravesii BWI-1T is made up of 28 chromosomal contigs exhibiting an average length and coverage of 47,415 bp and 185×, respectively, arranged in a single scaffold, for a chromosome size of 1,327,625 bp (G+C content, 32.2%). We also detected a 19,874-bp plasmid (pRgr) with a G+C content of 31.8% and 91% sequence identity (36% coverage; E value, 0.0) to Rickettsia monacensis strain IrR/Munich plasmid pRM (accession no. EF564599). The chromosome contains 1,675 protein-encoding genes and, like other Rickettsia species, 3 noncontiguous rRNAs (5S, 16S, and 23 […]

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