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[…] b'erse strains of the same RCMV. This classification was based on significant differences in restriction enzyme cleavage patterns (, ). Conversely, RCMV ALL-03 was isolated from the placenta and uterus of Rattus rattus diardii (house rat) (), and it is unique in the sense that it can cause vertical transmission, infecting the offspring ()., RCMV ALL-03 was propagated in a rat embryo fibroblast (REF) cell line, and the genomic DNA was extracted with high concentration and purity to analyze the viral genome by sequencing using Illumina sequencing technology. The raw data generated from the Genome Analyzer IIX were converted to readable sequences, and the subsequent information was inserted into CLC Genomics Workbench version 4.7.2 to analyze the sequence data. The trimmed sequences were assembled to form a set of contigs, and the areas of similarity within the contigs were distinguished utilizing Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST)., Overall, a total 197,958 bp of genome length with a 46% G+C content was obtained from the complete genome sequence of RCMV ALL-03. From this, a total of 123 protein-coding genes (CDSs) were identified, 36.2% (46 CDSs) of which have been annotated as genes and arranged into 8 functional classes, such as capsid, tegument, glycoprotein, DNA replication, DNA packaging, nuclear egress, immune evasion, and regulatory. RCMV ALL-03 CDSs were found to have higher homology with RCMV-E (MuHV-8), in which BLASTx analysis indicated approximately 99% similarity with MuHV-8 compared to MuHV-2 and MuHV-1. Besides that, there were 111 and 107 CDSs homologous to MuHV-1 and MuHV-2, respectively. The above-mentioned data suggest that RCMV ALL-03 is the closest to MuHV-8, with an estimated 8.2 substitutions per 1 kbp difference from MuHV-8. This clearly shows that RCMV ALL-03 belongs to the same species of MuHV-8 but a different strain., The complete genome sequence of RCMV ALL-03 has been deposited at NCBI under the accession no. KP967684., Citation Balakrishnan KN, Abdullah AA, Camalxaman SN, Quah YW, Abba Y, Hani H, Loh HS, Kamal FM, Zeenathul NA, Aini I, Omar AR, Noordin MM, Mohd Azmi ML. 2015. Co' […]

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