Dataset features


Dataset type: Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array, unknown experiment type, Variation
Number of samples: 38
Release date: May 1 2008
Last update date: Mar 19 2012
Access: Public
Chemicals: Nucleotides
Dataset link Fine-Scale Mapping and Sequencing of Structural Variation from Eight Human Genomes

Experimental Protocol

The DNA samples are a panel of 8 Hapmap samples, described by E. Eichler et al. (2007, Nature 447, 161-165). This set of 7 female, and one male samples are from from the Coriell Cell Repository, and is comprised of samples from four populations: four Yoruban, two CEPH, one Chinese, and one Japanese. The reference sample, NA15510, is female and also from the Corriel Cell Repository. This sample has been extensively characterized, (for example in Tuzan et al. 2005, Nature Genetics 10, p1038) and has been recommended for use in CNV detection programs to allow meaningful comparison of data between studies (discussed in Scherer, et al. 2007, Nature Genetics Supplement 39: S7-S15). Each of these samples was hybridized in pairs with the reversed labeling polarities. Additionally, 3 self-self control hybridizations were carried out for the reference sample, NA15510, one on each hybridization date.










Nick Sampas
Peter Tsang
Jeffrey M Kidd